Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hawaiian Lehua & Sweet Cream

It all started at the frozen section of the supermarket. A warm and mysterious orange glow was emanating from the ice cream freezer. I felt irresistibly drawn to it.

I approached slowly and opened the freezer door like a pirate would open a treasure's chest, dazzled by the unusual ice cream pints reading those words:

Haagen Dazs RESERVE

Hawaiian Lehua honey & sweet cream

I closed my eyes and was instantly transported to a land of blue sky, forests and waterfalls. A world of tropical lusciousness where girls wear flower leis, exotic fruits taste like exotic fruits, and cows produce the creamiest of milk. I was there, savoring the purest delicacies by the fire, the sound of tribal drum beats filling the atmosphere...

As the drum beats became taps on my back, i regained consciousness. An eldest lady waiting to grab a pint of ice cream was staring at me like i had just escaped a mental institution...

I purchased the precious pint and ran back home. I wasn't out of the elevator that the lid was popped, leaving behind me a guilty trail of Heavenly goodness on the door knob, the carpet and the wall... i can only tell you it was worth every inches of clean up to do.

I would not trade this pint for anything!...except maybe some Google stocks. Insanely Creamy sweet cream ice cream with a generous swirl of Hawaiian Lehua honey best described as "edible perfume". The Lehua blossoms come from the ohi'a trees in Hawaii which are the first trees to appear on new lava flow and make a... 'hellava ice cream'!

I am committed to create a homemade version that i will share with you on this blog.

In the meantime, if you can put your hands on this baby, don't hesitate...Buy it!

Serving Suggestion: Don't mess with perfection, a slice of plain pound cake will do. For a transcendental experience enjoy with a glass of Tokaji azsu 2000.

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