Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chocolate Truffle at $250 a pop

No kidding! This 2 ounces chocolate truffle cost $250 a pop and was recently named the most expensive item of confectionary in the world by Forbes magazine.

Fritz Knipschildt, a chocolatier based is Norwalk Connecticut is the creator of this extravagant delicacy. The process is simple enough, a 70% Valhrona ganache flavored with vanilla bean and italian truffle oil is shaped by manucured loving hands around a black truffle from Perigord. It is then rolled in more chocolate before getting it's final coating of extra mega supra fine Cocoa powder.

And the result is baaboooom!...or so they say. Sorry but i won't be reviewing that one anytime soon.

For the rest of us, Knipschildt has a whole line of fine chocolates in which he pairs delicate fruit flavors with exotic spices and fragrances. The individual chocolates have names like Charlotte, Helena and Amanda which makes me wonder... does this guy have a thing for naming his creations after ex-girlfriends?... What a show off!

Oprah has reviewed his chocolates in her magazine as being kind of good even if they sound weird and if Oprah thinks so...i'm sold!

I am intrigued by this whole thing, I will buy some of his chocolates in the quest to find out how this Fritz guy is getting so many girls and i promise to keep my findings jealously for myself.

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Tanya said...

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wow I would never spend so much on a truffle :S.....well maybe if I'd be wealthy like Oprah I would..hehe

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