Monday, September 24, 2007

Japan Invents the 26 Hours Work Day

Last time i checked there were only 24 hours in a day but my short term memory has played tricks on me before so you can correct me if i'm wrong...

Oh but wait, we are talking about Japan. Could this be the reason why Japan is getting ahead of us so quickly? Isn't that called cheating?

As we all know, the Japanese are highly efficient, so efficient in fact that 24 hours won't do it anymore but to be brutally honest, 26 hours days for me would mean 2 extra hours sleeping... I knowww... i have no guilt or shame whatsoever.

I still feel bad for those poor chefs in there getting stiffed, i bet there is no 25th and 26th hours on their time sheet. Oh well, as long as the owners keep the Sapporo flowing they won't hear no complains...

If you had 26 hours days what would YOU do with the extra time?

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